HRIS Administration

Harmonization of system & data 

Is your HCM system configured to it’s fullest potential? Let our certified experts transform your HCM and payroll system while helping your team take advantage of the latest features and functionality.


Do you find yourself bombarded by requests for custom reports, staff turnover, or just cannot get your HCM system to function as expected? It can make you want to hide from the seemingly insurmountable list of tasks!  Call on PayTech to streamline your HRIS administration, enhance the functionality of your HCM system, and improve the integrity of your data.


to HRIS Administration

We collaborate with your team to understand your business and help transform your system(s) by providing analytical and technical expertise relative to the development and implementation of consulting and HRIS related projects.

  • We focus on building relationships and team collaboration

  • We identify opportunities, not just issues

  • Allows us to work side by side with your team and dig deep into processes

  • Identify tactical burdens that limit strategic efforts

  • Short-term or long-term system support
  • Cleaner, meaningful data
  • Custom reports
  • Automated processes
  • System integrations
  • Integrated vendor interfaces
  • Interim staffing

“Great resource. Excellent working relationship with PayTech. These have been the best consultants we’ve found for payroll and HRIS.”

Jennifer Cross, Sr. HRMS Analyst

Exterran Energy Solutions

Unlock your system's potential