Ceridian Partnership

Since 1999, we have been a Ceridian preferred partner and are currently a member of the Dayforce System Integrator Program.  We provide both client-side support and vendor implementation services to guide you through your HCM journey.  We have an adaptive approach in executing Ceridian’s strategy and provide candid feedback to identify opportunities and solve problems together.

Certified Dayforce System Integrator and Consulting Partner

Our certified experts are experienced with the Dayforce system and Ceridian project expectations.  We have a deep knowledge of Ceridian’s implementation methodology and all system modules, including:

•  HR
•  Payroll
•  Dayforce Wallet
•  Benefits
•  Talent Management
•  Workforce Management 

We utilize this expertise supporting our numerous Ceridian clients with Implementation, Payroll Administration, System/Process Optimization, HRIS Administration, and other aspects of the HCM life cycle.

Since 2005, PayTech has been a top sponsor of the Ceridian Insights Conference.

Feedback from Ceridian clients

“PayTech’s project manager was my savior during the implementation of Dayforce. She jumped right in and immediately added value, taking so much off my plate and teaching me how to use the system effectively. I never would have been able to do this project without her.

PayTech returned my call same day and had a resource for me immediately. I tell Ceridian that everyone needs to reach out to PayTech to be the advisor to the team on the client side. It was an excellent experience!”

“It has been a pleasure to partner with PayTech’s M&A Consultant, she is very well experienced and knows Ceridian Dayforce well. We are still gaining help on new initiatives from her. Thank you.”

“Working with PayTech’s Project Manager was great! He jumped right in and was able to assist us with our needs.”

Let Our Ceridian Expertise Work for You!