Disaster Preparedness for Payroll

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Article written by Vicki Gray, CPP, Sr. Payroll Consultant

Living in areas prone to natural disasters like Tornado Valley, floodplains, or earthquake territory, the possibility of a disaster striking at any moment is a stark reality. Without a disaster preparedness plan in place, your payroll department could be left incapacitated and unable to process payroll.  This plan, a lifeline in times of crisis, must be well-documented and effectively communicated to all parties involved.

The plan should cover several areas of concern:

  • How will you contact your team, stakeholders, and vendors in an emergency/disaster?
  • How will you process the payroll(s) when regular operations are down?
  • Who will communicate the status of payroll(s) to all concerned parties, and how often?

Communication is vital. It may be via email, cell phones, messenger, and/or chat, but be prepared for electricity and the internet to be down. Cell phone towers may also be overwhelmed immediately following a disaster. 

During a disaster, the regular operations of your payroll department may be disrupted. This means that processing payroll may have to be done in an unconventional manner. In such times, your employees’ personal lives may also be disrupted, and their focus should be on their family’s safety, not their pay.

PayTech can assist you in creating a Continuity Plan that ensures your employees are paid correctly and on time, even in the face of a disaster. This underscores the need for flexibility and adaptability in your disaster preparedness plan, empowering you to be prepared for any situation.

We Can Help!

If you don’t have a plan, contact PayTech today for our professional analysis and support!

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