Here's what our clients say about working with PayTech...

“PayTech’s Project Manager is awesome. She was like family to us. We relied on her heavily for reporting and support during two company sales, turnover in HR and payroll and losing several executives. She kept us on track, improved our payroll processing hygiene, trained new staff as needed and was a tremendous support to us in working with ADP through many upgrades, ETime implementation, etc.  She was amazing and we miss her already!”

Jennifer Floyd, Vice President Human Resources

MidCountry Financial Corp

“Without PayTech’s Consultant, I don’t know what I would have done. She was a major part of my training and success. She was calm and very professional. She understood my position in this big rush of year-end (was new at the job) and accompanied me throughout this period. She offered me support, understood my stress and offered me great coaching. Most important, she believed in me and helped me like a friend would do! I have learned a lot while we worked as a team for a couple of months. Thank you again!”

Audrey Caron-Latreille, HR and Payroll Coordinator

Water Surface Technologies Inc.

“PayTech’s consultant was excellent. She had to deal with a difficult situation and ran into resistance at times, but she persevered and handled everything in a professional manner. She kept me apprised of everything. She was knowledgeable and made excellent recommendations on how to process payroll. I really enjoyed working with her. She is professional and knows her stuff.” 

Kimberly Paulhardt, HR Systems Manager

Bates White

“PayTech’s Project Manager was with us for two weeks to help us audit our system setup after a very stressful and compressed launch. She was able to quickly identify with the various personnel dynamics, our problem areas, and what our path to success looked like. She inspired confidence, helped guide us to best practice, and genuinely cared about seeing us succeed. She was a breath of fresh air after a very stressful 8 months.”

Jeff Ryan, P.Eng.Manager, Continuous Improvement

Canada, Acuren Inc.

“PayTech’s Consultant was like a member of our team and was a true professional. I do not know what I would have done the last year without her. She has incredible attention to detail and understands UltiPro like the back of her hand. Everyone on the team loved her and she got along with everyone. I would HIGHLY recommend her for ANY payroll assignment.”  

Diane Kilborn, Payroll Director

USI Insurance Services

“Working with PayTech’s Project Manager and the PayTech team could not have been more helpful. I’m in awe of their collective ability to enter a large, complex organization (operating in multiple states) and provide value from Day One. We are so grateful for her expertise, patience, and willingness to get into the weeds with our team. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. We truly could not have implemented ADP Time & Attendance without her guidance”

Taylor Robinson, HR Projects Manager

Uncommon Schools

“We would not have been able to complete our implementation for our payroll system without PayTech’s Consultant. She is an amazing part of our team and she will be greatly missed.”

Marisa Daspit, Head of People

Ibotta, Inc.

“Your team was extremely responsive to our needs and requests. PayTech’s Consultant was SUPER! Great partnership with PayTech. Would definitely use again and refer others.”

Debora Peters, Regional Payroll Manager

Autoliv ASP, Inc

“PayTech’s Consultant was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She is knowledgeable, responsive and resourceful.  Her extensive subject matter expertise allows her to quickly resolve issues and I grew to rely on her guidance.” 

Mary Comfort, VP - Total Rewards & HR Operations

US Radiology Specialists

“Great Experience working with PayTech! Our Project manager was very knowledgeable and provided wonderful assistance in implementing the Recruitment & Onboarding modules.”

Krystal Sims, Director of Recruitment & Onboarding

LA Family Housing

“Working with PayTech’s Consultant has been both a joy as well as an amazing learning experience for the entire team. During his time here, he remained positive and productive assuring processes and reports were kept up-to-date. Professionalism was an approach he took from the very beginning and he maintained that approach across his time with us. He is very detailed and always willing to lend valuable work efforts and quality follow-up to not only our internal employees but that of our external as well. All and all, he was and will always be a welcomed member of our team and I would recommend his services in the future.”

Donna Brown, FEPayroll Supervisor

Envision Healthcare