Here's what our clients say about working with PayTech...

“PayTech’s Project Manager demonstrated professionalism at all times, providing a wealth of knowledge in all payroll specific activities. Anything she may not have known, she was willing to go and research to ensure she was able to provide accurate and up to date information so that we were able to make the best decision for our company. She keep us on track with our project and was able to bring me up to speed as I came into the project after it had already commenced.”
Charlotte Johnson, Corporate Payroll Manager

Prime Flight Aviation Services

“PayTech’s Project Manager was a very valuable resource and her guidance and expertise contributed greatly to the success of our implementation. She really lead the project and kept everyone on track, even the Ultimate Implementation Consultants. On behalf of everyone here at Qdoba, I would like to say that it was a pleasure to work with her.”
Natasha Cardwell, Payroll Manager

QDoba Restaurant Corporation

“PayTech’s Consultant was an excellent subject matter expert for the Payroll team. She understood how ADP Payroll processes should work and was able to handle updating the team with new processing checklists and an updated Payroll manual. We are very appreciative of the assistance she gave the Payroll team and our organization.”
Vicki Winston, Asst. VP HR - Shared Services & Supply Chain

Icahn Automotive Inc. - Pep Boys - Icon Auto Group

“PayTech’s project manager was a HUGE help to me during our implementation. The services provided by PayTech helped our team in many ways. It definitely made us feel more comfortable and prepared as we moved toward go-live.”
Kendra Longworth, Director of Operations

Ministry Brands

“Our PayTech consultant really knows payroll and understands how to navigate in Workforce Now and through ADP. What I really appreciate is how fast he can deliver reports or get an answer to issues we have processing payroll. He is one of the best. I appreciate how flexible he is. Where he excels, is that he listens and gives suggestions for process improvement. He isn’t pushy with his views. He listens first then suggests” 

Lisa King, SVP of Human Resources

Washington Federal

“We had the great pleasure of working with PayTech’s Project Manager during our recent Implementation. To say that she was an asset to our team is an understatement. She was the go-to resource during every single aspect of the project, and her attention to detail was astounding. She completely immersed herself in our culture and policies and constantly served as a voice of reason. Any company lucky enough to work with her will, without a doubt, benefit from her being a part of their team.”

Lyndsee Hurst, Human Resources

TopGolf International Inc.

“Our company was in a terrible place before PayTech’s project manager came aboard. We thought it would be IMPOSSIBLE to get some of the larger issues taken care of with Ultipro, but she proved us wrong! We have come so far from where we first started and we are happy to have worked with such a skillful consultant.”
Emily Rowe, HR Assisstant

Alliance Health

“Our PayTech consultant was able to come in and jump right in with very little explanation or direction. She is extremely knowledgeable and required minimal training on any of the systems before she was resolving issues and assisting us with our needs.”
Sherri Kane - CPP, Payroll Manager

American Blue Ribbon Holdings

“PayTech’s Project Manager was amazing. She really helped us get through an extremely busy time while we were also going through transition. She also helped train many of the team members and improved their knowledge of the system and how it functions.”

Joy Corpora, Sr. Manager - People Operations

Ambry Genetics

“PayTech’s project manager was a pleasure to work with. She was prompt, easy to work with, hardworking and knowledgeable. She completed all tasks that were assigned to her and followed through with making sure that her work was completed.”
Rhonda Bogatitus, Payroll Manager

Motorola Solutions Inc.

“PayTech’s Sales Manager was very responsive and worked to move quickly. The Operations Manager understood what we needed from the start. PayTech’s Project Manager was incredible. She understood what we needed to do and how to do it. She worked both with the whole team and with each of us as we brought issues to her. We could not have produced the first payroll after the merger without her assistance and there were very few items that fell through the cracks. Those that did were very minor. Overall it was a very positive experience with the whole organization and you folks will be going into my ‘bag of tricks’ for the future..”
Marie Dzierlatka, Payroll Administrator

Alpine Electronics