Here's what our employees have to say about working at PayTech...


“I like working at PayTech because of the culture and opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills by working with US and global organizations. PayTech leadership is extremely supportive and cares deeply about my professional development.”

“The work life balance, the people I work with, and I like helping clients solve their challenges.”

“I enjoy the fact that the work varies¬† from job to job. There is never a reason to be bored. I love that I am dedicated to a client. I get to know them, understand their needs, and focus on what we can do to help them.”

“I love the people; I love the services we deliver and the focus we have on relationship building with our clients, our partners and our internal team.”

“The exposure to an amazing group of people with diverse skills, thoughts, backgrounds, and knowledge base.”

“The executive & management team are wonderful, and everybody is there to promote your success with the organization. There are no office politics, and everyone has the opportunity to grow.”

“The people! I’ve never worked in a company where I adore my colleagues and love working with them.”


“Given the variety of projects and industries in which we work, there are new challenges daily. I like being able to come up with creative solutions and remove a level of stress for our clients. I never tire of hearing ‘we’re so glad you’re here’.”

“Company growth, great internal & external teams, ongoing new technology and awesome TRAVEL!”

“I enjoy brainstorming, supporting, and networking with co-workers. I also feel consistently engaged and challenged with each new assignment.”

¬†“The collaborative environment that allows you to feel fully prepared for each and every client engagement.”

“I LOVE the diversity of work assigned; I LOVE the repeated challenges; I LOVE being able to HELP organizations and the people in those organizations achieve success!”

“Flexibility, work/life balance, the people I work with and helping build the future of PayTech.”

“The autonomy and trust by the leadership team that allows you to manage your clients based on what works best for you and the client.”


“I joined PayTech because of the supportive and caring culture. I have never worked with such a talented team of professionals who thrive and thoroughly enjoy supporting PayTech clients!”

“The opportunity to have a better work/life balance, to use my skills to assist clients, and to help others become successful.”

“I was really looking to be part of a collaborative environment that facilitates growth. This has been every bit the opportunity I was looking for.”

“I initially joined because of the travel. I stay with PayTech because of my LOVE of the mission. I love every aspect of what PayTech stands for! We help others to be successful! It is so REWARDING!”

“It’s a great opportunity to be part of a growing company where collaboration is valued.”

“A friend worked there and couldn’t stop talking about it. After interviewing I felt it was a company with a solid growth plan where I could excel and grow professionally. I was correct.”

“Pay, bonus opportunities, and the knowledge I am able to gain from each client.”

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Gregg Fairweather, CIR
Corporate Recruiter, Human Resources