For years, PayTech has supported various clients throughout Canada. We recognized the need to better assist our Canadian and transnational clients; therefore we incorporated PayTech Human Capital Management Consulting in Canada. PayTech Canada continues to grow a strong presence with our in country multi-provincial/territorial resource coverage and our HCM expertise!


Our Canadian Consultants are full-time T-4 Employees who reside throughout Canada. They are Payroll, Human Resources, and HRIS experts who understand the vast complexities of Canadian provincial/territorial payroll compliance and regulations. Our consultants hold a wide variety of industry credentials including the Canadian Payroll Association,  Canadian Human Resource Professional Association, and vendor certifications.

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers pertaining to our Canadian services

Q: Our company may require payroll processing services on an interim basis to cover leave of absence and vacation – can you handle this?
A: We can parachute in to provide onsite or remote support to run payroll until the individual either returns or until the client is able to back-fill the position.

Q: Do you have experience with Quebec payroll and do you have French speaking resources?
A: Oui! We have expertise in the differences related to Quebec payroll practices, compliance, and regulations.

Q: Can you help a Canadian organization with US payroll processing?
A: Our Canadian Consultants possess both US and Canadian payroll Expertise. Additionally, we can pull in US resources if needed from our sister company while staying on the same contract. 

Q: Do you have resources with both transnational and/or international experience?
A: Absolutely! We support clients throughout North America as well as over 45 countries across the globe.

Q: We may need additional resources, one for implementation right now and one for payroll processing when we launch in in a few months – is this something you can handle?
A: Of course! We can provide a consultant to assist with implementation immediately and then transition additional resources for interim processing as needed. 

Q: Can you support our year-end processes?
A: You betcha! We support all year-end activities including auditing/reconciliation of the PIER report, reviewing the T4 and RL1, filing Summaries, and more.

  • Implementations
  • Optimizations
  • Payroll Consulting
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Carve-Outs
  • HRIS Administration
  • Tax & Compliance
  • HR & Benefit Services
  • Year-End
  • Managed Services

“Without PayTech’s Consultant, I don’t know what I would have done. She was a major part of my training and success. She was calm and very professional. She understood my position in this big rush of year-end and accompanied me throughout this period. She offered me support, understood my stress, and offered me great coaching. Most important, she believed in me and helped me like a friend would do! I have learned a lot while we worked as a team for a couple of months. Thank you again!”

Audrey Caron-Latreille, HR and Payroll Coordinator

Walter Surface Technologies, Inc.

If you have questions please contact:

Spencer Palmer, Canada Regional Sales Manager 
(877) 651-0170  |