Interim Payroll SUPPORT

Need help processing your payroll? We are here for you!

Our knowledgeable consultants will partner with you to provide comprehensive payroll administration if you prefer a more ‘hands-off’ approach to your payroll. Our team is passionate about payroll and can’t wait to talk with you about how we can help!


Do you have a full-time person managing a part-time payroll? Overwhelmed with payroll issues or do you experience frequent payroll errors?  Our team can help you work through all of these concerns and MORE!


to interim payroll processing

PayTech’s Consultant will work with your team to learn your current processes and procedures, providing a wide range of services that will be customized to meet your individual business needs. 

  • Expedited on-boarding
  • Certified expertise in payroll & multiple industries/systems
  • Responsive non-call center environment
  • Ensured data security and privacy
  • Accurate and timely payrolls
  • Cost effective solution
  • Stabilized staffing
  • Quick relief
  • Expertise in tax and compliance
  • Streamlined workflow

“Our consultant is always responsive and proactive in her communications. If there is a new issue presented which she hasn’t experienced before, she is quick to investigate and resolve it. ”

Christy Kadera, Office Manager

Gary Community Investment Co.

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