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PayTech is seeking HEROES to save the day with our clients!  If you love the thrill of performance in the fast lane and managing challenges and projects in the Payroll/HRIS industry, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Project Manager


As a PayTech Project Manager, you will bring more than just your project management experience to PayTech.  You will also add your HCM experience to our diverse team in areas such as HR, Payroll, HRIS, Benefits, and Consulting.  Not only will you strategically manage projects of varying complexities while acting on behalf of the client, you will also perform tactical activities which the client may not have the staff and/ or time to accomplish.  We always leave our clients with a sense of relief and feeling of empowerment to successfully continue their strategic objectives.  You will feel like a hero after each engagement!

PayTech offers many services in the Project Management arena.  The larger-scale projects include HCM system implementations, optimizations, and post-implementation support.  Some of the smaller projects would be managing the implementation of a particular module of an HCM system, open enrollment setup, augmented training, or providing implementation support in a consultative role.  Regardless of the project type, we meld our strategic management and tactical abilities to provide the most value to our clients.

To get a good feel for what a day in the life of a Project Manager at PayTech looks like, we will use an Optimization and Implementation of Recommendations as our example.  This service requires functional, analytical, and tactical skills and represents typical functions in nearly every project we encounter.  PayTech’s Optimization service is a thorough analysis of a client’s systems, processes, and people that support HR and Payroll.  You are the PayTech HERO assigned to support this engagement! You will look at the full employee life cycle, shadowing with the individuals who process payroll, run reports, interface with other departments, etc.

The Project Manager typically will be on-site with the client initially to interview subject matter experts in payroll, HR, accounting, and/or anyone else who may be involved with the entire employee life cycle.  The purpose is to gain knowledge of how the client is currently doing business.  Once you have completed all the interviews, you will analyze each area to determine if and how the client can be performing tasks more efficiently and/ or with less risk than in the current state.  These may include opportunities for automation, data cleanup, additional training, etc.  For each item that could be improved, you will determine what the best method is to correct or improve the issue and identify what the positive business impact would be if the change is implemented.

Once the client agrees on the recommendations to implement, a project plan is created to move forward with the implementation items.  During this phase of the project, you will be navigating the HCM system, configuring changes to foundation tables, testing the changes, creating reports, and executing additional tactical elements.  You will also be strategically tracking the progress of the project, meeting with the client frequently, acting as the liaison between the client and the vendor project team, ensuring the project milestones are met on time and within budget, and interfacing with the client’s Executive team.  Travel on engagements is dependent on the needs of the client and can vary from engagement to engagement.

If this sounds like the next step in your career, check out our full job description for additional details.

These are full-time W-2 positions.  In addition to a competitive salary, we offer a comprehensive benefits package, bonus potential, and the opportunity for training and advancement. The Project Manager position is remote unless traveling for a client.

Senior Payroll Consultant


As a PayTech Senior Payroll Consultant, imagine yourself in the following scenario.     PayTech’s client’s payroll manager has just given two weeks’ notice and they need a highly skilled person to backfill the role ASAP, until a permanent replacement has been hired. The client needs someone to hit the ground running so ADP and/or Ceridian and/or Ultimate expertise is critical.   The Hero they need is YOU!

You fly out to the client on Sunday afternoon, ready to save the day starting Monday morning. You spend the next two weeks (don’t worry, you fly home every Thursday evening or Friday) learning the payroll manager’s role and developing documentation as you learn it.

During your time at the client, you are tapping into your vast payroll experience, and ideally, your FPC or CPP certification, to provide technical expertise to deliver quality and timely payrolls in their challenging environment. Your ability to get into the details and process the payroll independently is critical and your management experience allows you to delegate workload to other processors and motivate them to meet departmental goals. Your client appreciates that you have experience with year-end preparation, union contracts, and resolving complicated payroll tax notices.

Throughout your time at the client, your broad and deep payroll expertise allows you to compare payroll best practices to client practices, and you’ll document suggested process improvements and metrics via Weekly Status Reports using MSWord to communicate them to the client.

Your professional and tactful communication skills will not only be demonstrated in written form but are critical to verbal conversations required to communicate within every level of the client’s organizational structure. Your work will be of such high quality and efficiency standards, that our client extends your engagement to six months as they find the perfect candidate. Of course, the client really wants to hire you on full-time, but they can’t because there are other clients who need your expertise! This is just one of the many scenarios that our Sr. Payroll Consultants assist our clients with!

If this sounds like the next step in your payroll career, check out our full job description for additional details.

These are full-time W-2 positions.  In addition to a competitive salary, we offer a comprehensive benefits package, bonus potential, and the opportunity for training and advancement. The Senior Payroll Consultant position is remote unless traveling for a client.

Private Equity Project Manager


You start your 2nd cup of coffee as you dial the number for France.   The deadline is approaching and if registrations are not in place, the project will be delayed.  “Good afternoon Sebastian, do you have good news?”  “ARRCO & AGIRC are completed but URSSAF has not come through.  We’re hoping to have by end of week.”  “Partial good news, I’ll take it.  We are at a standstill until URSSAF comes through; keep me posted.  If we don’t have by Friday, we’ll have to discuss potential delay.  Thank-you Sebastian, have a great afternoon.”  Next, it’s on with the PE firm as they want to discuss resources coming over in the sale.  They want PayTech to perform an evaluation of resources and report back with recommendations, all done very discreetly .  You have a few minutes before your weekly internal status meeting, so you check a few emails.  You learn that the TSA for Germany is no longer an option and you must go live a month earlier and the Parent company will not provide any US Banking information for the employees, leaving you to manually collect from 800 employees.  The day progresses with meetings, challenges and creative solutions, finally ending with a call to India at 9 pm with the good news that all registrations are in place and the initial employee data file has been loaded and is ready for validation.

Each day is a new challenge in Private Equity we like to say it’s continuously unpredictable chaos.  You will bring more than just your project management experience to the PE team.  You’ll engage all your functional HCM expertise; HR, Payroll, HRIS and Benefits as well as change management & conflict resolution skills.   We roll up our sleeves and get dirty on the PE team, so not only will you strategically manage complex M&A projects, you will also perform tactical activities alongside your teammates.  The environments in which we work are in flux as companies change ownership or are carved out into new standalone businesses.   Our clients rely on our expertise and skills to set them up for success in meeting their strategic objectives and the PE firms count on us to help them stabilize the environment and instill confidence in the employees.   We consistently receive feedback from our clients & partners as to how they couldn’t have done the project without us.  While our projects are complex, challenging and fast paced they are also extremely satisfying.  We are solution driven and think outside the box to develop creative results for our clients.

PayTech PE projects are largely carve-out projects with a 45 to 60-day turnaround from engagement to first payroll processing.  We work with Private Equity companies and advisory partners to implement the HRIS/Payroll system and onboard employees.  A typical implementation includes HR, Payroll, Timekeeping and Benefits.  Often there are no HR/Payroll resources that come over in the sale, so we are acting on behalf of the new company until resources are in place.  We assist in many areas outside of implementation such as policy/process development, recruitment, communications, and training to name a few.   As the HR/Payroll SME of the new company, the PE firm relies on our expertise to assist in guiding them to set up a system and processes to meet their strategic direction for the new company.

PayTech offers many services in the Project Management arena.  Many of our projects have a global component and we have implemented in over 40 countries.  You will have the opportunity to work with multiple systems and partners and expand your global knowledge as our global footprint grows.    Due to the nature of our projects most of our work is performed remotely with periodic travel to the client.

HRIS Consultant


As a PayTech HRIS Consultant, you will be doing work that transforms the way our clients operate their business and the way their systems function on a day-to-day basis.  You will not only have the ability to exhibit your technical and analytical HCM system expertise, you will work closely with functional Payroll, HR and IT teams to provide solutions that enable the business to move forward and deliver results.

Although there are many services that PayTech provides within the HRIS area, below is an example of an HRIS Administrator need so you can gain a good understanding of the role.  In this scenario, the client’s HRIS Administrator is on a leave of absence and the client needs someone with the necessary HCM system expertise to hit the ground running.

You are the PayTech HERO assigned to support this engagement based on your HCM system and industry expertise!  You are introduced to the client and immediately begin to talk to various stake holders and understand the breadth of their needs.  Maybe the client has a set of critical reports that need to be created immediately to meet a deadline, or maybe they are in the middle of implementing a few new modules and need to ensure that project does not get off track.  Or maybe the client is in the middle of migrating to a new system and they are afraid that losing their HRIS Administrator is going to put the data conversion at risk.  Now it’s time for you to step in, relying on your vast HRIS experience to relieve the client’s stress.

During your time with the client you not only take over the day-to-day tasks of HRIS administration, but you also analyze the client’s processes, system configuration, reporting practices, and system security set up, and you provide advice on best practices or advise on how to improve their system utilization and efficiencies.  If you are working on a data migration, you might consult the client on how to consolidate their number of pay codes in the new system and how to handle converting the historical data.  If the client is struggling with how to take advantage of the system’s reporting capabilities, you might provide training and job aids to the client, so they can get the most out of their system.

Your expertise managing multiple projects and competing demands allows you to easily switch gears and support another project’s needs as they arise.  You receive a phone call from another one of your clients who are in the process of being acquired by another company, and they have an immediate need for some reports.  After a brief discovery call, you are able to complete the urgent reporting request to satisfy the customer.  Seamlessly, you transition back to the deliverables you started earlier in the day.

Each day you will be challenged to utilize your technical proficiencies in a variety of ways, and you will need to be agile as you shift your focus potentially between multiple clients.  You may spend your morning configuring PTO rules for one client, the afternoon creating and testing carrier feeds for another client’s benefit providers and wrapping up the day creating a detailed status report summarizing the work you completed for a third client earlier in the week.  Travel on engagements may require some on-site support and is dependent on the needs of the client.

If this sounds like the next step in your career, check out our full job description for additional details.

These are full-time W-2 positions.  In addition to a competitive salary, we offer a comprehensive benefits package, and the opportunity for training and advancement. The HRIS Consultant position is remote unless traveling for a client.

Payroll Specialist

$750 Hiring Bonus!!

Do you ever feel that your work life mimics the movie “Ground Hog’s Day” – doing the same thing over and over again with the same results (similar to the definition of insanity)?  A PayTech Payroll Specialist has the opportunity to work with multiple clients in varying industries on different payroll software systems.  This definitely breaks-up the monotony that is typical in a standard payroll department.

Do you thrive from being challenged and discovering solutions? Our payroll team does this does this on a daily basis. There is the added bonus of being the “payroll hero” by helping a client overcome issues and concerns by utilizing your experience and expertise.

Excellent customer service is critical in any business and a payroll specialist plays a key role in ensuring those high service levels.  Your ability to build great relationships with your clients and feel comfortable with knowing that can be confident in your skills is something we pride ourselves in. Our clients are long term and we like to keep it that way!

You’re able to demonstrate your skills and abilities in many different areas – whether it’s your expert level knowledge of a particular software, a spreadsheet guru, knowledge of payroll regulations and compliance, taxes, year end, and the list goes on.  The knowledge you’ve gained in your professional career is utilized and we value that experience.

Learning new things daily as well as a variety of training resources available at your fingertips is a great way to obtain your FPC or CPP certification as well as our payroll partner certifications.

Teamwork is very important in our department. Working with an amazing team of people who support, encourage and help with anything you need to be successful takes some of the stress out of the very demanding role of a payroll specialist.

Have you been looking for a company that values a work/life balance? Then the PayTech payroll specialist is the job for you.

These are full-time W-2 positions.  In addition to a competitive salary, we offer a comprehensive benefits package, bonus potential, and the opportunity for training and advancement.  This position must be located in Denver, CO.


We believe that our employees are our most important assets and place great importance in helping our employees find a balance between their work and personal lives. We offer a competitive benefits package, paid time off, and various benefits that recognize the needs of our employees.

Vacation, sick, and personal leave time
Health Insurance with multiple plan options
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Flexible Spending Account
Health Savings Account
Paid Holidays
100% Company Paid Life/AD&D
Voluntary Additional Life/AD&D, LTD and STD
Retirement plan with employer match
Additional Compensation Bonuses
Industry Recognized Certifications
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