We have been delivering the Walk-Beside-you Approach remotely for years and have developed a proven infrastructure with proactive, comprehensive oversight of our Consulting teams on every client engagement. Our employees are accustomed to a professional home office and are adept at handling 100% of our services from anywhere in the world. 


Our knowledgeable full time W-2/T4 employees are fully engaged and dedicated to you whether they are on-site or working virtually. We have expertise on multiple global HCM/Payroll platforms and promote team collaboration to support your business needs and help you achieve your short and long-term goals.   


to effective virtual support
  • We have the right tools to support you virtually
  • Flexible schedules to meet global time zone needs
  • Consistent internal and external communication
  • Industry leading responsiveness and efficiency
  • Access to subject matter experts and management support
  • Short or long-term engagement support
  • Cost reduction by eliminating travel costs
  • 95% of our clients are supported virtually
  • Robust cloud-based platform
  • PayTech issued computer and other work from home technology/hardware
  • Encrypted messaging and chat
  • Secure video Meetings 
  • Private site for data exchanges

Find out what separates us from other payroll and HCM consulting firms.

We care about your data security

One of PayTech’s key concerns is our client’s data security. PayTech complies with U.S. Canadian, and E.U. rules and regulations for data security, most notably;  HIPAAFINRAPIPEDA, and GDPR respectively. We ensure compliance by having all PayTech computers and local storage encrypted at rest and in transit and require Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to access. All cloud systems and storage are encrypted and all emails that contain Protected Information(PI) are encrypted automatically. In addition, all PayTech computing devices are on a weekly patch schedule for operating systems and software; PayTech uses enterprise antivirus that is patched weekly or as the need arises. We use policies and protocols with robust auditing to ensure best practices are followed and working to balance security and accessibility. We also work with our employees for yearly data security training and reminders to ensure we are treating client data properly. Our partnership with Microsoft cloud services, whom complies with world wide data security rules and regulations, allows PayTech to leverage that infrastructure to our clients benefit. More detailed information available upon request

“Your team was extremely responsive to our needs and requests. PayTech’s Consultant was SUPER! Great partnership with PayTech. Would definitely use again and refer others.”

Debora Peters, Regional Payroll Manager

Autoliv ASP, Inc.

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