Implementation challenges lead to legal action by Employees

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Knowledge Share by Adam Noble, Sr. Project Manager

Recently on my LinkedIn news feed, another instance of potential Legal Action by a group of Employees came up. This situation, I’m sure, was a troubling period for the Employees and their families impacted. And knowing the businesses that I have had the pleasure of helping over the years – None of them would willingly want to place their most important resource at risk.

I’m sure the professionals involved in this situation worked exceedingly hard to keep the employees paid. But, that said, it can, unfortunately, happen all too often. The following news story and write up speaks to some of the elements in play that are of public knowledge:

Speaking from my past experience, one of my client’s experienced a total outage of their WFM system through no fault of their own. So, it was all hands on deck from the Payroll / HR / IT teams within the business to ensure that the best-case scenario was implemented for the Employees. Late nights were also the order of the day for the Vendor, as they worked diligently to get the systems back online.

In this example, my client:

  • Communicated regularly and effectively to the Employees of the situation.
  • Provided commitments and followed through on how regular payments would be maintained.
  • Kept thorough records of the work that was occurring (while the systems were down).
  • Arrived at and communicated any ‘top up’ payments that needed to be made in the case of any underpayment that occurred.

During this challenging period, I maintained and corrected data during the outage and afterward, as it impacted a rolling average used for paid absence. 

PayTech’s list of superstars can step in and help organizations through the lifecycle of Payroll/WFM/HRIS needs across the board. Be it a quick backfill of resources to assisting in the many aspects of avoiding outages during implementation (such as the above news article), and even helping during the total outage of one of your essential systems.

Skilled Professional Guidance

We are here to ensure your organization is prepared to deal with what lies ahead and we can help guide you through these challenging situations.

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