Open Enrollment in July

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“It’s like Preparing for the Holidays in July… except it’s Open Enrollment”

PayTech Publication Joy Farnham, Manager of HCM Consulting Services

Did you know that businesses start as early as July to get ready for Open Enrollment? That means the HCM vendor you utilize is also preparing by scheduling resources, sending out reminders and getting their heads in the open enrollment spirit in July as well!! And chances are if you are not in their queue, you may have already missed their deadline to assign a resource to your business account for January 1st, 2024! There are so many tasks to think through and prepare for January 1st; don’t let Open Enrollment slide to the back of your to-do list.

How much “falalalala” Open Enrollment planning could there be you ask? Here are just some of the bigger questions you may need to ponder…

     ●  Have you utilized your HCM system for Open Enrollment in the past or is this your first time on this system?
             ○   Who needs to be involved from your internal team, your 3rd party vendor teams?
             ○  Have you contacted your HCM consultant?
             ○  What needs to be done if this is the first time?
     ●  Are you doing an active or passive enrollment?
             ○   What does this look like and how do you set it up?
     ●  Are you looking at new benefit providers?
             ○   What changes need to be considered?
             ○   What testing needs to be conducted?
             ○   Who needs to receive the plans and results for testing and when?
     ●  Are you adding/upgrading your current benefits package?
             ○   Do new benefits need to be added to specific groups of people or to the population as whole?
     ●  Do you need file 360 or 180 file feeds created and ready for January 1st?
             ○   Are there communications to be prepared and sent and/or forms that need to be created and signed off on?

So much to do and so little time you say? Only if you wait until the end of September! Open enrollment tasks can be planned, configured, spread out and tested over the next several months ensuring they are ready for an October launch. Take the stressful, time-consuming and important planning off your plate by letting PayTech give you the best present this year! Contact us now and let one of our well versed, checklist touting, Open Enrollment loving Elves (Consultants) help you!

Our consultants have over 20+ years of hands-on experience in HR, Payroll and HCM Platforms. They are subject matter experts who are often referred to as easy going, insightful, efficient, and process driven. Our approach for Open Enrollment will allow you to either sit in the driver seat while we provide valuable input, insight, and help you prepare your processes for years to come; or we can do the heavy lifting for you by providing open enrollment processes and procedures derived from past experiences and centered around your specific company needs. In other words, whatever your needs are, our experienced consultants will help make this years’ Open Enrollment experience as beautiful as a surprise snowstorm on December 24th.

When all is said and done, you can say “The gifts were delivered early this year – making all of our Open Enrollment wishes come true!”

We Can Help!

Take the stressful, time-consuming, and important planning off your plate. We are here to help guide you to ensure your company is prepared.

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