PayTech Forum – Implementation in Wonderland

by | Jan 26, 2021

Implementation in Wonderland

Date: February 24, 2021     Time: 11:00am MST


Are you or your client implementing new technology?  Join us to learn how to strategically prepare and plan your implementation, resulting in a successful go-live.  This forum explores how to ready a company for change, develop best practices for planning a project, and provides tips to help ensure a successful deployment.  We will focus on understanding the basic elements of change management and impact to the organization, emphasizing the importance of project planning including the use of effective communication, demonstrating an understanding of the key phases in the project life cycle, and recognizing opportunities to integrate best practices.  


Candice Weston, Manager of Project Management
Candice has 20+ years of experience in complex system implementations, optimizations, business development, and process improvement in multiple industries, and holds a PMP certification from the Project Management Institution.  She participates and often serves in a lead speaker and mentor capacity role in local, regional, and national Project Management organizations.

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