PayTech Rises Up – Coping with COVID-19

by | May 19, 2020

PayTech employees have been working strong and hard throughout the Covid 19 pandemic.  Each week Our CEO Jan Allen posts an internal communication to all employees throughout North America.  In addition, employees share stories of how they are coping and supporting their communities.

Many are enjoying being able to spend extra time with their loved ones and are learning new technology applications like Microsoft Teams, facetime, etc. to connect with those they can’t see.  Parents are juggling homeschooling their children with work and everybody is trying to get enough exercise and stay sane!  Employees are supporting their communities by making masks, providing meals, and helping out in any way they can.

One story that truly touched our hearts comes from our HR Director, Amy Lemann.

“This world where we are forced to social distance, wear face coverings, teach our children through remote learning, and hold virtual meetings/visits with co-workers, family and friends has certainly been full of challenges. I must admit, it has been difficult for me to continue a positive attitude during these uncertain times while trying to maintain all of the suggested precautions for my family. To keep our family spirits lifted, we have conducted several front door, driveway, and over the fence visits with family and friends. My son, Christian, has Down Syndrome.  It has been difficult for him to understand why “everything is closed” and why he cannot physically hug friends and family.   His best friend Nadia, also with special needs, recently visited to deliver a picture she colored for Christian and they virtually visited through our front window for more than an hour.   It was so heart-warming to see these besties make the best of a tough situation that neither of them fully understand, and was a great reminder to me that focusing on the best of these times like spending more time with my family, spending more time outside, and catching up with old and new friends is the gift.”

Stay Safe, healthy, and remember PayTech is here to help!  We can provide all our HCM & payroll consulting services on a remote basis!  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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