Here's what our UKG clients say about working with PayTech...

“We had several lingering issues after our HR/Payroll implementation, some of which were time-sensitive. Not only did PayTech work quickly to assign a rep to us to fix these issues, but the rep worked hard to get an understanding of our needs and ensure that our time-sensitive issues were addressed by our deadline. PayTech’s Project Manager made a huge difference for our organization by completing the work she did for us and she went above and beyond in several cases to meet all of our needs. We feel lucky to have worked with her!”

Michelle Martz, HR

Vista Prairie Communities

“Thank you all for your help this past year. You have helped our organization move forward with our vision to have an all in one HRIS. You make HR and Payroll look good. Thank you.”

Michelle Dolan, Human Resources Director

Repsol Sport Centre

“We love PayTech’s Project Manager – she’s right on it!  She kept our project moving and got us the proper resources needed to get our acquired companies’ payrolls out the door on time, with the right support.”

Sarah Parks, Senior Corporate Payroll & Benefits Manager

Esler Companies

“In addition to the necessary skills needed for our assignment, our team felt PayTech’s Consultant was an excellent listener and was very easy and friendly to work with creating a positive engagement.”

Joanne Martz, Chief Financial Officer


“Great Experience working with PayTech! Our Project manager was very knowledgeable and provided wonderful assistance in implementing the Recruitment & Onboarding modules.”

Krystal Sims, Director of Recruitment & Onboarding

LA Family Housing

“PayTech’s Project Manager was above and beyond my expectations, her responsiveness and dedication to helping me through this project was the only thing that kept me going on it and not giving up. She was there with me MANY long nights and weekends and really took the time to teach me things that I was not grasping.”

Wendy Brandenburg, Payroll Supervisor

Techniplas LLC.

“PayTech’s Project Manager was a pleasure to work with.  She kept us on track and really engaged on every issue we had.  I would love to work with her again in the future if the opportunity arises!”

Patricia DuBois, Director of Business Transformation

Onion Technologies

“PayTech’s Project Manager was very honest about what our Payroll processes were lacking and overall what the group needed to improve to be successful. Her summary of findings will a be useful tool for our recently hired Payroll Manager.”

Carla Smith, Sr. Director, Assistant Controller

ANGI Homeservices, Inc.

“PayTech’s Project Manager was a key resource, who was responsive, knowledgeable, professional and caring.  I would recommend her to anybody looking for great results and professionalism.”

Sara Bernstein, Sr. Controller

Flextronics International USA, Inc.

“We were very thankful for all the help we received from PayTech’s Project Manager for he was the right person for our project. He exceeded our expectations!

Gaitree Kowlessar, Payroll & Benefits Specialist

Starkey Hearing Technologies

“PayTech’s Project Manager was such a pleasure to work with. Her leadership, project management, and work ethic were stellar. She loves what she does and it shows in her work. We would not have had a successful open enrollment without her help. Would love to work with her again.”

Lisa Elbert, Senior HRIS Specialist

Northshore University Health System