UKG Partnership

PayTech is a global UKG certified Services Implementation (SI) and Solution Delivery Partner Services providing Vendor and Client-side support for UKG’s full suite of HCM Solutions. We have an adaptive approach in executing UKG’s strategy, providing candid feedback to help us identify opportunities and solve problems together.

Services Implementation and Solution Delivery Partner

With a fully staffed SI team we’re able to handle all of your Implementation needs.  You can contract directly with us to provide support for launch, post-implementation, optimizations, payroll processing and much more in the following areas:

  UKG Pro People Center
  UKG Pro Pay
  UKG People Analytics
  UKG Pro Employee Voice
  UKG Pro Benefits
  UKG Pro Learning
  UKG Pro Talent Management (Performance & Compensation)
  UKG Pro Recruiting and Onboarding
  UKG Pro Workforce Management (and associated add-ons)
  UKG Ready

Since 2014, PayTech has been a top sponsor of UKG Aspire.  PayTech is a proud recipient of UKG’s Alliance Partner White Glove Award for possessing unsurpassed product knowledge and maintaining unwavering dedication to customer service!

PayTech was featured in Raven Intelligence’s Guide to Top UKG Implementation Partners…

Feedback from UKG

 “PayTech’s staff all live and breathe personal care for each organization they partner with. Who they are as individuals aligns with UKG’s People First culture. I trust the relationship of my clients, both Sr. Leadership and Administration, to their professional hands in the most crucial scenarios. The best part: their team’s tenure includes working with UKG competitors which means they know where you are coming from and can help you get to where you are going next.”

Feedback from a UKG client

“PayTech’s Project Manager was instrumental in ensuring UKG Pro was configured correctly and the team’s questions were answered. She had the ability to anticipate problems before they occurred and was able to provide meaningful information to key personnel. She has an outstanding ability to explain the complexity of UKG Pro, teach the team how to navigate through the Customer Success Portal. She maintained detailed written implementation documentation that required no explanation. If it wasn’t for PayTech, this project would NOT have been successful.”

Let Our UKG Expertise Work for You!